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Retail Surveys

Quality Surveys can get you quality response, in turn increasing the quality of service that you offer to your customers. You can use this template to gather information from your customer base. If we have missed out anything you can easily customize the templates and add your own questions to the survey.

Retail Surveys

Internet Shopper Template

113 questions

Academic study benchmarking internet use and shopper profiles and behavior

Retail Surveys

Demographic and Retail Shopping

16 questions

Demographics plus use of dress price to help profile the shopper.

Retail Surveys

Retail Store Personality Template

17 questions

Short list of retail store personality variables. Can be repeated

Retail Surveys

Supermarket Shopping Attitudes

20 questions

Supermarket shopping attitude inventory.

Retail Surveys

Supermarket Selection Criteria Template

26 questions

Battery of questions identify factors important in selection of a supermarket.

Retail Surveys

Shopping Life Style Battery

19 questions

Life style questions for classification of retail shoppers.

Retail Surveys

Where would you shop for...

22 questions

Comparative list of retail merchandise items to profile store preference by merchandise category.

Retail Surveys

Comparative Retail Store Evaluation

13 questions

Battery of questions focusing on merchandise quality, value, layout, convenience. Comparisons across 6 retailers.

Retail Surveys

Advertising Evaluation Survey

21 questions

Short evaluation of TV, Newspaper ads for a retail store viewed during product search.

Retail Surveys

Retail Website Customer Evaluation

10 questions

Visit history, success in finding products searching for, satisfaction.

Retail Surveys

Fashion Attitudes

24 questions

Attitudes and Life Style for clothing and fashion shopping.

Retail Surveys

Retail Shopping and Search Behavior

13 questions

Home electronics: family shopping habits, items purchased, purchase process.

Retail Surveys

Online Store Survey

15 questions

Retail website, product and satisfaction survey

Retail Surveys

Retail Store Evaluation

28 questions

Retail store customer service and merchandise evaluation survey

Retail Surveys

Mall Purchase Habits

5 questions

Evaluation of Shopping Options

Retail Surveys

Electronic Retailing

98 questions

This survey is designed to obtain a better understanding of retailers and their e-commerce operations.